Cotton & Sugar

Production led by demand from other emerging economies


Cotton is vital to India's economy, particularly to the textile industry. Between farming, trade and textiles, it secures the livelihood for about 60 million people in India but domestic production of raw cotton cannot meet demand. Indian companies are looking outside of their own country to secure supply for this burgeoning industry.

Sugar cane is the world's most widely grown crop partly because it has so many applications. It can be used to make sugar, biofuel, alcoholic beverages, molasses, bagasse etc.


A single textile manufacturer has mandated the supply 100,000 tonnes of raw cotton per annum. Feasibility studies are currently being carried out as to the most suitable location for production.

Farm Lands of Africa is working with a Thai-based company specializing in the field of sugar technology with a view to jointly establishing a very large cane plantation and sugar mill in West Africa. Project finance is currently being sought to commence this project.


In terms of export crops, the Company is being driven by demand it sees from its customers. Cultivation will only commence once off-take has been secured and the crop requirements have been matched to the correct agro-climatic conditions.

It has been trialing various different crops on a small scale including various vegetables and legumes such as gram or lentils (which it is seeing increasing demand for). It is looking to build up a seed bank tailored to conditions. Once in place, production of any crop can be scaled up quickly.