Experienced operational teams on the ground training local workforce to become the next generation of management


The production management team comprises numerous Indian experts, each specializing in a different agricultural field. The team has experience of working in farms at various stages of development from start-ups to established commercial farms. Specialisms include rice, sugar cane, vegetables, eucalyptus plantations, and seed cloning.

Engineers with decades of experience working in emerging markets are responsible for procurement, commissioning and operations of agro-processing facilities.


The Company has entered into a partnership with the Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University of Hyderabad to design and implement a set of agricultural educational courses in Guinea. It will also provide technical support to the seed development and nursery programmes.

Courses will range from a 6-month certificate focused on cultivating a single crop like rice, to a detailed 2-year diploma covering agricultural production in general. These courses will be made available to employees, outgrowers and interested members of local communities.


Management structures will be tailored to the individual crops. Rice is a very labour intensive crop, which requires a lot of manpower and multiple tiers of management. Each 2,500Ha farm has a senior manager overlooking four junior managers, overseeing four farm supervisors, taking responsibility for four field assistants. Crops such as eucalyptus require far less labour and management.

Other management positions include human resources, logistics, fuel, storage, finance, processing, sales and security.