About Us - Objectives

To produce, process and sell high volumes of good quality food crops into the local market & provide in demand cash crops for the export market.


The Company will build on current production to produce thousands of tonnes of diversified crops every year. With its paddy project alone, it has the ability to turn Guinea from an importer to a net exporter of rice.

Adopting a cradle to grave approach, it has its own seed development centres and high tech nurseries producing the best clonal varieties for the specific growing conditions. Employing other high quality inputs and the best agricultural techniques enables it and its partners to challenge poor yields achieved by existing smallholders.


While increased production solves local food security problems, agro-processing holds the key to agricultural development. Running efficient processing facilities reduces post harvest losses, creates skilled employment opportunities and adds value to the underlying product.

By making key investments in agricultural infrastructure in the region, the Company is adding to the long terms prosperity of the agricultural sector which currently employs most of the population but adds very little to GDP.


Prices in the local market are currently well above world commodity prices. Large scale production will drive these prices down, making staple foods more affordable for the local population. The Company has little incentive to export foods currently being imported, e.g. rice, cooking oil, maize etc.

The Company has secured off-take agreements for its export crops, with periodic price reviews ensuring they stay broadly in line with world prices. When production warrants it, it has already lined up partners to build local processing facilities, e.g. sugar and pulpwood mills.